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By joining our ACADEMY you are investing in yourself. You will get access to the ancient secrets and methods of the real rich. Our ONLINE WEALTH MASTERY COURSE and FULL DAY WEALTH MASTERS COURSE will teach you how to purchase houses with other people's money, as well as utilising tenants for the purpose of repayment. You will also learn how to protect and manage this wealth directly in a special trust structure.

Platinum Members get FREE ACCESS to the following BENEFITS:

Platinum Members

Free Subscribers


Access to the Online Course- This format of the WEALTH MASTERY COURSE is the most complete of all the versions in which the course is available. It covers ALL aspects of the famous Treoc Way in detail. The volume of the course is the size of an average size book. Students can complete it in their own time and receive a graduation certificate on completion. Graduates are eligible for invitation to join our Secret Insider Circle of Wealth Masters

(the first four chapters are free)


Access to online offshore Cashflow Generating Projects, like for example Bitcoin Mining, with returns of up to 10% per month over the short to medium term


Access to Powerful Property Refinancing Methods giving R.O.I. of more than 100% per annum over the medium to long term


Access to Online Investor Software. Successful property management and refinancing is not possible without our software. It is the only refinancing software in the world


Access to a Professionally Registered Team of Financial Advisors, Trust Lawyers, Accountants and Estate agents. First consultations are free of charge and Platinum Members get discounts of up to 30% on their professional fees


Access to Everlasting Specialised Trust Structures to protect your wealth from hostile creditors and executors. The Treoc Group, established in 1996, is one of the biggest inter vivos discretionary trust operators in the world.


Access to huge Legal Tax Avoidance Methods. Our 100% legal tax saving methods and strategies are world famous


Access to Free Legal Advice. If ever you have a legal problem and you don't know what to do, just send an email to Our in-house legal team will evaluate your problem free of charge and advise you on what to do next or which law firm to consult further if necessary.


Free Access to Professional and Legal Opinions. On our website we display powerful and unique opinions and methods about the secrets of our trade which are giving us the edge above other investors


Free First Option to Property Sales. You are now on the top of the pecking order. Platinum Members are informed about new property sales and bargains long before the rest of our subscriber base even become aware of them, if ever, because the Platinum Members normally buy all the new stock.


Access to the Ambassador Referral System. Only Platinum Members are welcome to participate in our referral program and to receive money for their referrals. With the fast growth of social media and the easy marketing possibilities it offers, this benefit is highly sought after by networkers. We have members who are earning thousands of bucks every month with the Treoc Ambassador Program.


Access to the Treoc Loyalty Program. All paying Platinum Members automatically become part of our excellent Loyalty Program. Members earn and accumulate a lot of very valuable credits which can be used to pay for attending Treoc events and other promotions.


Access to the ultimate Facebook Lead Generation System. With this system anyone can become a successful marketer or promoter and earn huge commissions of up to 35%!


Free Treoc Times Newsletter - This weekly newsletter was established in 2003 and has more readers than most mainstream publications. It keeps members up to date with developments in the legal, accounting and property world.


Access to Platinum Group Scheme Life Cover - Our south African members between 18 and 69 years of age can get R 1 million life cover, without any medical checks and minimum requirements, for R 370 per month.


In short: Platinum Membership gives you full access to A Proven Wealth Creation System and it keeps our members better financially educated and informed than most other investors!


Upgrading Fee - R1,900 payable via Credit Card or EFT.

Monthly Fee - R308 per month per debit order.

Re-Instatement Fee - R1,900 if your membership lapsed and you want to re–instate it. It should never lapse!

On upgrading, you receive a free e-copy of Coert's book "RICH MIND RICH MAN"



For assistance with registration or any enquiry, contact Santa Venter via email at or sms to 44414 or call 086 002 0406 during office hours.

Our highly skilled staff, coaches and service providers will assist you all the way!

It will undoubtedly be the best investment of your life, so be prepared for spectacular returns on this investment!

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