The Treoc Way is available in 3 formats:
Lectures, Consultations and a very comprehensive Online Course

Thanks to the extraordinary Treoc Way it took Treoc Founder, Coert Coetzee, only 13 years to build a multiple trust portfolio of 2,421 houses in South Africa alone!

This is what some of our members had to say about The Treoc Way; in their own words!

Gordon Mackay
I attended Coert's course in Feb 2004 and owe him a BIG THANK YOU. I own "many" properties today ALL bought with NO MONEY and I am still buying. THANK YOU Coert (100 Houses in 12 months!)
Theo Ttetshe
I checked now, R1000 should get you 0.8 grams of CashGold. You get the coin at 0.01cent buying it via this method. So taking the small R1000 Uncle Coert Coetzee is suggesting will still get u a whopping 5700 Coins. That's $7524 at its current price of $1.32. That's R93 673. That's 9367% instant Growth. Don't miss this Plane. You'll thank Uncle Coert later....
Andre Swart
I have followed the TREOC WAY for 3 years and have managed to setup my trusts and purchase R5million worth of property. The course is great as I realize that I still have not complied with all the aspects of the TREOC WAY. Eye opener and refreshing!!
Moses Gwatidzo
I think this is a great course and there is huge benefit in it being available online. There were just too many aha moments that you simply realise that ignorance is bliss! The language used is very simple and straightforward. I was humbled by how much new stuff I learn in such a short space of time, in addition to the old stuff that I relearnt or learnt from a different perspective. We need to give Coert a Bell's!! THANK YOU
Johan Van Eeden
Nine years ago I attended this life changing seminar. Our trusts owns all our properties. We have no properties on our own names. We manage and control a multi million rand property portfolio with our trusts. Thanks again to Coert van Treoc.
Gordon Alexander Ross
This has been a mind blowing eye-opener of a course. Before I was finished I already started getting the trusts set up. I cannot wait to get in the full swing of things and build my property portfolio for my family and retire early (would never have thought I would be saying that)!All I can say is that I wish I had started earlier in my life with this investment method!!!
Louis Naude
Appreciate it being updated annually. I therefor try and do the coarse once per annum. Great content, very practical. Just the online course is worth more than the monthly fee.
Bertram Morolong
This should be a compulsory course to every South African, because it opens your eyes to a whole new world that you are already living in!!!
Lee-Anne Lindsay
This was great! Clear concise and direct.
John Garth Wilson
The course is a comprehensive introduction and is set out in laymen's terms, enabling the most inexperienced to follow a simple system to concrete financial independence.
Philip Michael Reynolds
The course is very practicable and worded in an easy to understand way. VERY WELL DONE.
Andrew Douglas Cameron
Very informative, practical and enjoyable.
Nardi Black
Great course! I enjoyed the real life applications and the continuous motivation to do it. Also, I am a "no sugercoat" type person, good to get advice from another one
Marcel T. Wasserman
If you have a dream to achieve something great with your life, your need to do this course. This course will open your mind to new possibilities, and fast track your journey to financial freedom. I, and especially my unborn progeny, will be forever grateful for Oom Coert. He gave me the road map and the vehicle to get to my destination.
Alan Goldberg
I found the online course most informative. It helped explain the concept of using trusts as a means of protecting ones assest and business. For me the TREOC way is the best way. Alan
Leoni Joubert
This is an extremely informative course which should be a must for all before even starting to work "on" your own business. It is only after completing this course that we fully understood the double trust structure. We will definitely recommend this course to all our children, family and friends. Thank you for sharing the "light".
Luvuyo Nonyathi
I really enjoyed it, very helpful and practical.
Dirk Cornelis de Jager
Elke Treocian behoort die aanlyn Treoc Kursus te voltooi, dit is net tot sy/haar eie voordeel. Sal nie teleurgesteld wees nie.
Zane Richards
It is mind changing and also allow you to think out of the box and not follow the stream. Thanks for the great advice and course content. Regards Zane
Roelof Petrus Dreyer
I learned a lot from this course. Everything you need to know is in this manual.
Michael Lindsey Milne
Great course
Wilgard Alfred Nell
The course is really a eye opener
Rammona Wayne Maphula
Excellent guys! I love and appreciate what you are doing
Manuel Joaquim Raposo
I have enjoyed the simplicity. It is possible to do the complete course in less than eight productive hours. Do the course you will not regret it. I have three of my children about to start the course. Thank you Coert.
Navin Harilal
Great course and great way to refresh my memory on the TREOC WAY after having gone for my first seminar many years ago.
Lucas Oupa Mosidi
Great course indeed. Short and straight to the point! I like the way it simplifies the content. Keep it up!
Quentin Wing
I found each chapter easy to understand and not too long. Just enough content to keep it interesting.
Roger Skorbinski
Excellent, concise.
Philip Opperman
Great Course!
Johannes Nicolaas Hamman
Mind opening, excellent combination of information and practical advice.
Johannes Jacobus Van der Westhuizen
A very worthwhile and informative course. I've learned about risks I was unaware of that will have an impact on my estate when I die and how to avoid them, e.g CGT.
Nicholas Carel Broekman
The online course is very informative. It goes into a lot of detail about the treoc way. It allows to study at your own pace.
Zanele Zwane
This course is the best way to ensure that an individual reads and understands what we getting ourselves into.
Raymond Guo
It is a very good course. It opens eyes.Thanks!
Johannes Smulders
Great Course and information. need to put it into practice
Daryl Thornton
The course is an excellent way to revise your knowledge after attending the Seminars.
Peter Anthony Le Roux
Very well presented, to the point and the course length very manageable. I also liked the idea of unlocking the next course. I don't know why but the fact that I had to finish a module to unlock the next made me inquisitive about the next module driving me to complete sooner than if I had all in one go.
Jason Paul Ashington
I can compare the course to a building plan, on how to build a structure, with a solid foundation that can withstand risks and elements like earthquakes.
Fredrico Smit
Very informative and good refresher on success principals. I am definately "DOING" this!
Lloyd John Becker
I've attended two previous property investment course and while the majority of them teach you how to invest in property none of them teaches you how to protect your investments and create a legacy, with the additional support of the Treoc service providers it make the entire property investment process more effective and easier. I appreciate all the support and confidence Treoc has given me so far and I look forward to growing my portfolio with them. Thank you Treoc
Michael Philippus Olivier
The online course helped me tremendously. Thank you once again Coert for a very informative course. Kind regards. Philip Olivier.
Stephan Strydom
Mahomed Ismail Adams
This is a basic course that all salary earners should have before they get themselves into the wrong debt. A real eye opener. I should have known that the best mentors are the ones that are financially rich. thank you, I now have a new vision for me and my children .
Jeffrey Izaks
The course is a mind opener. It lets one realise to let go of the old ways and realise there is more to life.
Luis-Fernando Contreras
It is a different approach to property investment, with many interesting points.
Guster Mutesasira
It provides relevant information about wealth creation, information that was hitherto only 'exclusive' to wealthy individuals. It also reveals the major flaws in the advice that has traditionally been given to us by so called financial advisors who are only focussed on the amount of commission they will take from the big companies when they recruit us gullible customers.
Andrew Khutso Msiza
Excellent material knowing that I can change the terms of the OTP to actually suite me as the purchaser
Arndt Mittendorf
The course covers a vast field with very comprehensive knowledge in all the relevant fields. Thanks, Arndt
Bafana Mbongo
The course is an eye opener
Hannes Louw
Great value for training in the Treoc double trust structure as part of wealth creation.
Sifiso Oswald Mahlalela
This was an eye opener, the things I couldn't understand at the seminar were repeated and clearly written. im proud to have completed the online course and looking forward to restructure my life in finances and business and doing things the Treoc Way
Reven Rampurtab
I have really been waiting to change not only my life around, but my generations to come. TREOC, you came at the right time. Our lives will never will be the same. Thanks! Reven Rampurtab
Moleleki Jack Mokhoabane
It is a new alternative investment method worth trying
Thabo Makgene
The course it is a complete concise manual for people who aspire to be fearless investors. Thank you TREOC
Marissa Grant
I enjoyed the course as it gives a very good overview of the Treoc way. It is interesting to read as the content has tips and other information that is helpful without being too technical all the time. Thanks.
Frans Albertus Maritz
Kort, bondig, prakties, bruikbaar, inspirerend, waardevol
Herman Britz
Very informative and practical. For sure a building block in my journey to success. Thank you.
Titus Chuene
A true impartation of knowledge and wisdom. Very helpful.
Tertia Truter
Kennis is MAG. Dis 'n ou gesegde maar tog so waar. Kennis soos hierdie "breek" die kuns van lewe oop, want baie keer sien of ervaar ons lewe as swaarkry met min plesier daarby. Hierdie kursus leer jou dat jy wel die lewe in oorvloed kan geniet met net die regte toepassing van kennis en beginsels. Dit is beskikbaar vir elkeen wat 'n denkskuif wil waag. Baie dankie.
Maupa Seseni
As a Real Estate Agent and a novice property investor, I noticed as I was working through the TREOC ONLINE COURSE, , that its amazing how much wealth of knowledge and information exists out there that no formal schooling can teach you. The TREOC ONLINE COURSE teaches you just that, in a very simplified manner. This really set my expectation very high on the future learning and all that's to follow. This require swift action from my side to implement the advice provided.
Monica Groome
Excellent, simple to understand.
Hosea Mahlatsi
The TREOC WAY Methods of doing business appears to be the best, honest, legal as well as practical and they comply with all aspects/spheres/requirements/criteria of the laws as well as business including companies act etc. The fact that TREOC WAY takes into account all aspects (e.g. acts/laws), it provides one with sufficient reasons to be FEARLESS and confident in doing business with surety that you will not loose anything provided you adhere to their WAY (TREOC).
Lucy Walsh
I found the online course to be concise and informative. It has made me wonder why I haven't applied most of this advice already. I have understood that trusts, for example, are vitally important to wealth creation for ages. I have a family trust that has been dormant for 2 years. That changes immediately!
Werner Muller
This course is very helpful and gives you a more inside approach on how to do things
Jeffrey Brian Cullis
I must comment Coert on the presentation of the content as I could practically pass each chapter from the 1 day seminar I was amazing how much he shared in such a short period of time.Jeff Cullis
Carlos De Freitas
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it. It has opened my eyes with so much useful information that is going to save me thousands of rands a year.
Marius Viljoen
First of all thank you for the initiative where one can do this course in the convenience of your own home/office or actually anywhere where you can have access to the net. Also equally valuable is the fact that you can do it at your own pace and save the PDF format chapters for future reference, read and re-read the new knowledge and smilingly nod in agreement when you agree with some you are familiar with...The Chapters read very easily and the questions are relevant and short/sweet enough to keep one confident and excited to move on to the next. Kind Regards,Marius Viljoen
Inge Rautenbach
Course was a lot of fun and a lot more simple to follow and get our heads around than we thought it would be.
Jerry Mabusela
The online course has been very empowering and informative. I am grateful that I discovered this very early in my life. Applied knowledge is power said Coert to me when I told him that tonight l am doing my last 4 pages of chapter 13 of the online course. I am grateful to find associates like you-TREOC.
Mboni Solethu Ncapayi
Very informative. Great job.
Hans August Zwarts
Powerful information! Inspiring and uplifting! New view on business, powerful tool. Thank you for sharing Coert, its not every successful person that are willing to let everyone in on useful secrets.
Rudy De Wet
Great course! Lots of useful information.
Deon Tromp
I found the course very valuable. I will go back and re-read everything as there is a lot of information to take in.
Bernard Michael McPherson
Wow! What a awesome course.This has been an experience I can't explain. Keep it up!!!!!!!!
Ben Nyirenda
This is a very excellent course!
Jens Schindler
An eye opener of a course. If I had known these things 20 years ago I would now be "smelling the roses"
Sama Sibiya
I learned a lot of things that I never knew about
Spencer Venter
I really enjoyed the course, I wish they would teach this at schools in order for our children to understand how to make money!
Cedric Lucas
This online course can be compared to an MBA - short version, however I learnt a hell of a lot. Thanks
Michael Segoapa
A lot of thought has been put into this course, very thought provoking and challenging to traditional ways of looking into property investment. I for one has been doing it in the dark, now I can see light, it is sunny days.
Deon Labuschagne
This is a great source of knowledge for someone starting off on The Treoc Way.
Tshepo Mazibuko
Hi TREOCIANS, the course is fantastic! I absolutely enjoyed it and learned a whole lot from it and I feel prepared to venture into my first property business and with all the help I'll get from you Guys I know SUCCESS is assured! I will by all means spread the Gospel of the unique and incredible wealth creation to whom ever who would listen. Thank you Guys, I'm now a TRUE TREOCIAN and I can create WEALTH for me and my family. Thank you again!
Louis Louw
Fantastic! It opened my eyes in many ways. I know that if I apply what I learned in this course it will be successful. Thank you Coert. Looking forward working doing it the TREOC Way.
Nico Vermeulen
The content and structure of the course is excellent. The test after each chapter is a good incentive to concentrate. The course is very helpful seeing that it summarises the most important aspects of business.
Shaun Molefe Chauke
The online Treoc Way Course really enlighted me, to place more emphasis on the protection of assets.
Rickus Duvenage
It opened my eyes to reach new horizons and to become a fearless investor
Johannes Maree
I liked the structure of the notes and the test-taking after each chapter. The tests helped me to focus on the material. The notes were excellent - a lot of useful info presented in a compact layout - I didn't have to read through pages of useless info to get to the good stuff.
Deborah Moate
The course is fantastic. I have really learn a lot and the course was not too technical like many courses where you end up being discouraged. I am looking forward to apply what I have learned.
Phumzile Mohatla
The course is an excellent beginners guide to what you need to know as property investor.
Dick Joubert
Many years ago I invested tens of thousands talking to and gathering information from many tax consultants, attorneys, accountants and various other specialists to set up adequate "protection" for my assets.It was a number of years after I set up my first trust system that I first started following Coert on Property and then came across The Treoc Way. I have since been successfully applying The Treoc Way. If I had to start over today, I’d surely follow the Treoc Way from the start – it would have saved me many, many hours’ work and I would have been quite a bit better off too... not that I've done bad at all since following the Treoc Way.I'd seriously advise all new investors to stop making mistakes and faffing around and rather start following the Treoc Way right away. That's probably one of the main reasons why I've taken all my children to different Treoc presentations... even when they were still at school.
Pravin Rikhobersad Goorun
Great course. I have learned quite a lot from the information provided to build my legacy.
Ashbury Davenport
On line is the way to go. Us oldies like face to face, but times are a changing and we need to adapt or die.Thank you for being so genres and shearing your I P WITH OTHERS
Phildre Human
Ek het vreeslik BAIE geleer!! Ek het dit ook BAIE geniet!! Die kursus het net op die regte tyd op my pad gekom. Ek en my man was 9 jaar terug in 'n motorongeluk waarin ek my rug gebreek het. Ons het die raad NOU NODIG vir die pad vorentoe. BAIE, BAIE DANKIE!!
Violet Migeri
This is the most street wise wealth training I have ever had packaged so concisely and simply even for the simple minded to understand. Thank you Coert
Richard Antony Kolat
Enjoyed the course as it covered all aspects of successful property investing the Treoc Way. Would definitely recommend it.
Barend Oosthuizen
Very good course. It helps you to a solid base and mindset and serves as a launch pad to start your journey towards financial independence.
Jan Cronje
Huge eye opener!
Marco Valente
An absolutely life changing course!
Peter Mervyn Mandes
Hi! I have just recently enrolled as a member of the Treoc Platinum Club and have just completed the course. I am really excited to get started and believe I can apply the 'Treoc Way' to great success. Really forward thinking and really up-to-date course material. I have received formal tertiary education but none like this. No-one at varsity really TEACHES YOU HOW TO MAKE MONEY!! Very keen on the refinancing model and want to start planning and implementing my 'property business' now!
Thomas Fredrik Prinsloo
Jy leer dit nie op skool nie of op Universiteit nie , maar kan jou lewe verander.Gryp dit aan. Dis goedkoper as die genoemde instellings.
Peter Noel Gettliffe
A well structured and comprehensive course describing the TREOC Way and how to REALLY protect yourself in these trying times, make money for the future and thereby protect your children going forward.
Warren Ho
Very good course. Insightful and handy.
Andre Heinrich Du Preez
This is an absolute "must" if anyone is serious of making a difference in their lives. All future and even current Entrepreneurs have to do this course. I am so sorry I did not do it earlier. I am now equipped to move forward in my business career.
Motlatjo Lebogo
I learned a lot and I got an answer to a question I had for a very long time; "How do rich people avoid tax legally" and the answer is; "Through TRUSTS".
Jacqui Bourne
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the TREOC way and how I can build a property portfolio for myself. As a woman I've always relied on my husband and this has empowered me to want to take charge of my own financial destiny. Thank you
Franscois Marcell Ericksen
The best course ever, received an over view on safely investing in property I'm grateful for being a member of Treoc. The course and all the powerful information can only be found here. Lets make Money!!! (' ',)
Dave Roux
Truley great and informative. Now realise how much I've done wrong and need to get the correct structures in place
William Sohlungula Msiza
The Online course is the eye opener. A really good course money can buy. The knowledge I have gained from the course is enormous.
Geoff Shaw
Great course which is easy to understand.
Kallie Broodryk
It was an excellent course! Will recommend it to anybody! Thanks for all the great knowledge!
Johannes Sibusiso Skhosana
I have learned a lot in the course and would recommend anyone to take it!
Odwa Gulwa
This course and the way it is administered is one of the best ways to learn and understand the TREOC Way. I just regret not doing it earlier. - Odwa Gulwa Doctor|Author|Entrepreneur|Speaker
Lerato Solomon Motimele
The good was enlightening. This is should be taught at school or business school.
Moorosi Andrew Monyamane
This is one of the best vehicles to the world of wealth. It is written with simple and understandable language and it makes a lot of sense to ordinary people and good for business people. I wish that TREOC can expand to more African states like Lesotho, Botswana etc.
Rudolf Pretorius
Die kursus is n baie goei roeping om deur te werk dit gee n mens die sekerheid dat jy in die kleinste dele van eiendom en trust nou gemoedsrus kan vind en al die vrae van omstanders kan beantwoord of hulle verwys na die kurses self dankie.
Ian Block
Thank you for a very practical and accessible manual that guides one through the basics of the Treoc Way. Now time for me to get started...
Adele Eastes
A real eye-opener. So sorry I didn't do this earlier.
Marianne Snyman
A very long overdue activity from my side, seeing that I have been actively involved in the process for about 4 years already. I realized how much I have learned from Coert and the service providers over the years. It was fun to see how much of it I could pass by myself and I loved my Wealth Mastery 2014 book.......a great referencing tool!!!!!!
Thabiso Pitso
Thanks to companies like Treoc which make it their mission to educate people about the secrets and ways of investing the property market. I wish I had this knowledge before purchasing my first properties which turned out to be a very expensive learning curve. I had to sell the properties at a loss due to panic selling. I learnt my lesson. Using the methods I learned in this course and the expensive lessons learned I believe I am on the correct path. Though I made mistakes before they were valuable mistakes as now I know how risk can be averted
Darrol Wandell Beziek
This is a great course because it answered a long time question of how to attain more than one property. I never knew about any of the trust structures which protects you. I will definitely recommend it to my suitable friends and I'm very excited to get my trusts setup in order to start investing. Thank you Coert!
Silindile Shabane
This was an eye-opener. I wish I came across this platform the same year when I started working before incurring useless debts but I am grateful nonetheless because there is Hope.
Taka Sande
This is real solid practical advice. It is more valuable than gold. It changed the way I think. I can wait for my future!
Phelele Mkhize
The course has been quite educational. The wealth of information acquired will ease the steps I need to take in developing my property profile. very good education about trusts, tax and refinancing.
Paul Jacobus Bezuidenhout
A great course, I would like to see more detail about the trusts. How to fund and transact with it. The accounting involved etc.
Bruce John Patrick Williams
Well thought-out, enlightening, and practical course, which answers many questions on how to correctly finance, protect, and grow property (and other) investments, while minimizing the parasitic tax burden. A truly holistic strategy!
Tshepo Joseph Malefetse
This is an excellent read! You won't get this type of education even in an MBA class.
Pieter Human
Already told a friend today about the treoc way, you just got to love it.
Roxanne Nicole Jansen
The TREOC WAY online course is very informative. I learnt a lot of basics and got a good overview of property investing. The examples using actual figures helped me understand better the concepts of tax etc.
Antonio Franco
Excellent. Very informative.
Tinus Vos
The Treoc Way online course was great because:a) It gives a great introduction to property investment.b) It provides a great overview of utilising trusts.c) Motivational.d) Can be completed in your own time.
Kwabena Essel
The course was very informative and an eye opener.
Richard Mkhonta
The course was great
Pule David Molelekoa
I really learned a lot and please keep up the good work. Nothing to add or subtract. Everything about the course is perfect.
Francois Paulsen
TREOC has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possiblities
Willem Jacobus Van Aarde
Die kursus is insiggewend en het vir my 'n goeie fondasie gegee waarop ek nou kan begin bou aan my finansiele doelwitte. Baie dankie dat julle al hierdie inligting met ons deel. Dit gaan my verseker goeie leiding gee.
Thozi Theko
After listening to Coert at a seminar, I was teken by a lot of what he said about creating real wealth. I joined as a Platinum member. I was excited to get my family thinking the same way. The Online course helped me with my thinking and planning process and I was then able to put my plan and ideas into words. I was also able to take small steps each time I read, understood and passed a chapter. This has been one of the most amazing processes I have been in a long time. Thank you all!
Natasha Williams
The course is a refresher for the seminar and is great to have all the notes. I also like the service provider network.
Robert Rettermayer
The online TREOC WAY course is very informative and it is an eye opener.
Richard Gumbu
I am impressed
Anthony Michael Winter
I really like the new layout and breakdown of the course into smaller chapters.I have started the course 3 times and this is the first one I have finished.Thanks for a great and informative course.I am on my way with three trusts registered and coaching started.
Gerhard Iiputa
It is an excellent way to improve one's level of commitment to knowledge searching and I truly appreciate it.

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