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Full Day Course

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The Ultimate Full Day Wealth Mastery Course
(Established in 1996)

'Investors eager to become financially independent in a very short period of time are urged to attend Coert's life-changing, full day seminar as soon as possible'. - Media24 - Biggest Media Group in SA.

Learn how to create spectacular wealth with the famous TREOC WAY.

What is the TREOC WAY? It's a foolproof wealth creation system that never fails!

Established in 1996, we are one of the oldest, biggest and most successful Investor Clubs in the world with more than 600,000 members worldwide.

Our team of skilled experts, are presenting this unique and popular full-day course, where we will teach both experienced and novice investors how to create enormous wealth and tax-free cash flow through the use of a specialised trust structure with a specific type of property investment.

The information shared on the course is absolutely essential for both the ordinary person and the investor who wish to create everlasting financial freedom for themselves and their children.

Due to a constantly changing economy this course also serves as a powerful refresher to existing graduates and should be repeated at least once a year because; REPETITION is the master of excellence!


This full day course covers, amongst others, the following topics in detail:

True Financial Freedom. Our method is controversial and strongly discourages the old, useless pension products and saving plans sold by financial institutions. We believe that true financial freedom can only be achieved through property or business and we will prove it to you.

Specialised Trusts. You are going to learn how to protect and grow your assets tax-free with specialised local and offshore trusts.

Using the Property Trend. Our understanding of the property trend enables us to make money in all property cycles and not just in 'good times'. We will share our special property graphs with you and make sure you have the same understanding of the cycles and can also 'make the trend your friend'.

Unsequestratable. To the endless irritation of the liquidation and executor industries of the world, the correct administration of the unique TREOC WAY makes you 100% unsequestratable.

Emigrating Your Money. We will show you an easy and safe way to move your money offshore into gold and euros on a MasterCard.

Land Expropriation. We will show you how to make your properties un-attractive for land expropriation without compensation.

Debt and Losses. Most people try to avoid debt and losses. Our members know how to make big money with correctly structured debt like the big multimillion rand corporate companies. The Team will also show you how to create free tax deductible losses and make a lot of money with it.

Huge Tax-Free Returns. A professional property investment portfolio is nothing other than a business, and we will teach you how to manage this kind of business effectively. If it is managed according to the TREOC WAY, as our method is known, geared returns will be more than 60% per annum and will be 100% Tax-Free. This is probably the best legal way in the world to make money tax-free.

Outdated Methods. We say; 'Flipping properties are flipping stupid'. There are many books and seminars on property investment. Those methods are mostly outdated. We will discuss some of these old fashioned methods on the course and highlight the problems.

Other People's Money. Customised financing is one of the cornerstones of the TREOC WAY. We prefer to work only with the banks' money. Few people know how to do this effectively. We have thousands of members who have built up huge portfolios without ever using a cent of their own money.

Capital Trading. This is also one of the pillars upon which the DTS Way rests. Capital Trading with property can be dangerous if it is applied incorrectly, but if it is applied correctly it is the best and safest method of building wealth quickly. Tax-Free returns of more than 100% p.a. is possible!

Type of Property. The DTS Way works best with a certain type of property or market segment. The fundamental reasons why a certain type of property is more suited than another will be explained to you.

Tax Rebates. Investors might receive rebates and allowances from tax authorities in certain circumstances. We will explain allowance and rebates applicable in your country, if any, in simple terms and show you how to claim to get a lot of money back in your pocket!

12J VCC. You'll learn how anybody can make 100% tax-free profit immediately with this unique SARS and FSB approved financial instrument.

Correct Areas. You will learn that certain areas or suburbs perform better than others. Some areas should be avoided altogether. We will teach you how to identify and take advantage of suitable areas.

Risk Management. As with any business, a property investment business also has its quota of risks. We identify the risks and put a risk management programme in place to deal with them.

Dedicated Software. A transaction and property portfolio must be properly planned and managed, and for this we use a purpose-built international software programme.

Platinum Membership. Being part of our club is important. This is where you will meet your fellow Club Members. This is where you will hear motivational success stories. This is where members share opportunities, successes and fears with one another. The value of the collective knowledge of our members is incalculable. This is one of the big reasons for our Investor Club's spectacular growth and success.

Wealth Coaching. Why do two people sometimes hear exactly the same message, and yet react differently to it? After a year, we find that one is a millionaire and the other has done nothing. We all need somebody to take us by the hand and take us through the unknown. Creating wealth is one of those unknown territories for ordinary people. Our dedicated team will take your hand and lead you step by step to spectacular wealth!

Fly, drive, walk or crawl, but be sure NOT TO MISS this LIFE CHANGING EVENT. During the last twenty years more than 60,000 people from all corners of the world already came on this pilgrimage to a better life!


Next Event: Gallagher Convention Centre
29 August 2018 from 8h30am to 6pm


Standard Ticket: R3 700 per seat (Payable in advance by EFT, Credit Card, Bitcoin or up to 90% of the ticket price can be paid by Loyalty Credits if you are a Platinum Member)

For HUGE SPECIALS on the ticket prices, click HERE and 'sign up' for free!

29 August 2018   Midrand - Gallagher Convention Centre  
12 September 2018   Somerset West - Lord Charles Hotel  
17 October 2018   Durban - Mount Edgecombe Country Club  



Duration 8h30 till 18h00 (Registration starts at 07h30)

Bring a light jacket, pen and paper

Lunch and refreshments are included in the price


For bookings or detail phone Santa or Heidi on 082 788 0673 or 083 273 5041 during office hours or email them on services@wealthmastersclub.com, or send an sms to 44414

They will be able to suggest Hotels and Guest Houses in the area!

PLEASE NOTE: No marketing, networking, business cards, brochures, branded clothing or branded items are allowed at the event.



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