15 & 16 November

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Presented by Professional South Africans because:

"South Africans know what works for South Africans"

Treoc, the fastest growing investors club in Africa, will be presenting its unique Treoc Way at the annual GO 2 GREAT WEALTH MASTERY event later this year. The Treoc Way teaches business owners, investors and entrepreneurs how to successfully invest in property and business to create enormous wealth and tax-free cash flow, step by step. The information shared at the GO 2 GREAT event is also absolutely essential for business coaches, facilitators, consultants, financial planners, accountants, estate agents and attorneys wishing to provide a better and more comprehensive service to their clients.

The Treoc Group is an international investors' club that is supplied with unique products by dedicated and independent service providers. The Treoc methods and products are both unique and controversial, and few people in the world know how to use them. Treoc gives its members the ability to build spectacular wealth with very little capital, if any at all. has already become the biggest investors' club in Africa with more than 180,000 members, subscribers and followers. We own more than 90,000 houses worth R56 billion, of which R5.2 billion is administered by the Treoc Group of Companies. In 2012, Media24, the biggest media group in South Africa, described Treoc as "one of the country's largest and most controversial property schemes worth about R5bn", and Financial Mail says Treoc is "one of the biggest operators in the buy-to-let market". They were 100% correct - and we are even bigger and better now!

Treoc's methods are not only suited for Africa. We have many members in Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia and Asia, who are applying our methods with great success. The Treoc team has already presented many seminars in London, where we have a large group of members.

Our unique method is known as the Treoc Way. It is a holistic method taught to people at workshops, seminars and investor meetings, as well as in videos, articles and books which are available on our website.

If you are keen to become financially independent in a short period of time, you should attend our life changing GO 2 GREAT annual event. It's a two day event, teaching you the complete foundation and principles of The Treoc Way.

The Power Dinner & Dance, which will be held on the Saturday night (15 November), is going to be even bigger and better than the popular Power Dinner we had last year. Once again, it'll be a very powerful networking opportunity, where 10 VIP ticket holders, selected via a lucky draw, will each be able to deliver a 5-minute marketing pitch on his or her business, or any other topic, to some of the top investors in South Africa during the course of the evening.

Topics to be presented and covered in detail

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At the GO 2 GREAT event we will have Treoc Founder, Coert Coetzee, and several Treoc Experts presenting and covering the following topics in detail:

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Chapter 1

  1. The TREOC Way
    1. Background to The TREOC Way
      1. Information
      2. Fearless and mindset change
    2. The TREOC Network
    3. The Role of the Platinum Club and Service Providers
      1. The TREOC Referral Network
    4. Using The TREOC WAY training in the context of property investing
    5. How to equip yourself
      1. Acquire knowledge
    6. Traditional ways to invest in property
      1. What is a buy-to-let investor?
      2. What is a shortfall?
      3. Can shortfalls be financed?
      4. What is a property speculator?
    7. The TREOC Property Way - The Ultimate Business
      1. Dreams need action
      2. Is The TREOC WAY the only way?
      3. The TREOC Method of Investing
      4. The Asset Classes

Chapter 2

  1. We buy businesses
  2. Structures
  3. The richest man in the world
  4. The ultimate foundation
    1. The ideal structure
    2. What is a trust?
    3. What is a discretionary trust?

Chapter 3

  1. What is an entrepreneur?
    1. Setting up successful businesses
    2. Questioning the old ways
    3. Doing things differently
    4. Being fearless where others are afraid
    5. Total commitment and hard work
    6. Money orientated
    7. Acceptance of uncertainty
    8. Trusts are made for entrepreneurs
  2. Compartments
    1. It happens to good people
    2. Basic Rule
    3. Compartmentalise
  3. The famous TREOC double trust structure
    1. Types of asset trusts - top layer of the double trust structure
      1. Family Trust
      2. Residence Trust
      3. Provider Trust
      4. Company Asset Trust
      5. Share Trust
    2. Types of risk trusts/entities - bottom layer of the double trust structure
      1. Refinance Trust
      2. Company
    3. Typical business structures
    4. Benefits of the double structure
    5. International structures

Chapter 4

  1. A trust is a contract
  2. How is the discretionary trust formed?
  3. The Parties to a Trust
    1. Founder
    2. Ordinary Trustees
    3. Independent Trustee
    4. Replacement Trustees
    5. Beneficiaries
    6. Replacement beneficiaries
  4. Types of risks to be aware of
  5. Trusts Benefits
    1. No estate duties
    2. No executor fees
    3. No costs on death
    4. Assets move cost and tax free to your heirs.
    5. Protection of minors
    6. Continuity
    7. Succession Planning
    8. Founder's Wish List

Chapter 5

  1. Taxation of trusts
    1. Income tax
    2. Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
    3. Donation taxes
    4. Refinance
    5. Rental income
    6. The conduit principle
  2. Another way to reduce the value of a taxable estate
  3. The SARS/Treoc 55 Rebate Plan on New Residential Units

Chapter 6

  1. Moving your assets into a trust
  2. How to reduce loan accounts
  3. Moving property into a trust
  4. Insolvency time periods
  5. Personal Bank Account
  6. Administration of trusts
  7. How to buy new assets with a trust
  8. Legal opinions
  9. Trusts and sureties

Chapter 7

  1. Understanding the Property Market
  2. Trend Cycles
  3. The property cycles
  4. The TREOC Cycle Meter
  5. Latest Capital Growth
  6. Geared Rate of Return
  7. Why is the Right Property in the Right Area so Outstanding?

Chapter 8

  1. How to build the "Money Making Machine"
    1. First, decide on a strategy
    2. Select an area
    3. Investigate the area
    4. Plan the deal
    5. Conquer your fear
    6. Buy the house
    7. Property Principles
      1. How to do Valuations
      2. Safety Clause
      3. Occupation on registration
      4. Use your own attorney for transfer and bond registration
      5. Stay in control
    8. Who will pay for the Property?
    9. Finance Principles
    10. Finance and Refinance Manual

Chapter 9

  1. How to Buy Property
    1. Motivated sellers
    2. New developments
    3. Sale of/on Execution Auctions
  2. Sale Agreement
  3. ALA Method
  4. Managing the Property
    1. Tenant Administration
    2. Maintain the Edge
    3. TREOC Investor Software
    4. Personal Portfolio Manager

Chapter 10

  1. A Business is an Investment
  2. Solid Business
    1. Introduction
    2. The TREOC Business Way
    3. Who is Coert Coetzee?
  3. Getting started
  4. The workers
  5. Work on your business.
  6. Marketing
  7. Goal planning
  8. Actions
  9. Motivation
  10. Business is tough
  11. On the money
  12. Big business
  13. Compartments
  14. The Ultimate Product
  15. Use your mind
  16. Be different
  17. Get organised
  18. Attitude
  19. Communication
  20. Keep on moving

Chapter 11

  1. Stock Investment
    1. Indirect Investments in Businesses
    2. How to Identify the Right Company for Investment
    3. What Money is Invested in Shares?
    4. How to Determine the Value and Price
    5. How and When to Buy
    6. How Much to Buy
    7. When to Sell
    8. How to Manage your Stock Portfolio
    9. Can You Do These Things Yourself?
    10. Which Entities to Use?

Chapter 12

  1. Risk Management
  2. Correctly Structured Life Insurance?
  3. Life Insurance Policies and Deemed Property - Estate Duty Act 45 of 1955
  4. Income Continuation Benefit
  5. Key man Insurance
  6. Buy-Sell Policies
  7. Short-term Insurance
  8. Business Continuity Planning
  9. Buy and Sell Agreements
  10. Land Expropriation

Chapter 13

  1. Use a Team
    1. Wealth Coach
    2. Independent Trustee
    3. Trust Accountants
    4. Estate Agents, your "Buyer's Agents"
    5. Conveyancing attorneys
    6. Personal banker
    7. Letting agents
    8. Personal Portfolio Managers
  2. The TREOC Club
    1. Huge Discounts
    2. Club Functions
    3. Software
    4. Service Providers
    5. Training
    6. Newsletter
    7. News Clips
    8. Investment Opportunities
  3. Be careful

Where, when, what time?

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This two day event will be presented on the 15th & 16th of November 2014, at the fabulous Emperors Palace in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa. Venue address and directions will be provided after your booking is confirmed.

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Time: 09h00 till 17h00 (both Saturday and Sunday)

Food and beverages can be purchased from the cash outlets at the venue.

Remember to bring a light jacket, notebook and pen!

Seats are limited. Register your seat now to avoid disappointment.

The Power Dinner & Dance on Saturday night will start at 20h00. This is going to bigger and better than the popular Power Dinner of last year. Once again, it will be a very powerful networking event where 10 VIP ticket holders, selected via a lucky draw, will each be able to deliver a 5-minute presentation on his or her business to some of the top investors in South Africa.

Your ticket includes food & wine. Anything else will be available at the well stocked cash bar!

Dress code: Formal Black Tie.

The Event Fee for 2014

Fee for non-Platinum Members:

  • R12,900 per VIP ticket covering two seats for two days PLUS free entry for two persons to the formal Power Dinner & Dance on the Saturday night (15 November). VIP members also get FRONT ROW seating PLUS a free EVENT MANUAL of 151 pages.
  • R9,900 per non-VIP ticket covering two seats for two days. Optional extra: Power Dinner & Dance ticket for two - R1800. Event Manual - R2400.

(Executive and Platinum Members get a 30% discount on the above rates)

Fee for Platinum Members:

  • R9,030 per VIP ticket covering two seats for two days PLUS free entry for two persons to the formal Power Dinner & Dance on the Saturday night (15 November). VIP members also get FRONT ROW seating PLUS a free EVENT MANUAL of 151 pages.
  • R6,930 per non-VIP ticket covering two seats for two days.

Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the content and value of the event, and you inform us within three days after attending, we will refund 100% of your event fee.

For assistance with booking or any enquiry, call Santa or Heidi per email to or sms to 44414 or call 0860 02 04 06 during office hours